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Book Recomendations

"5-Minute Bible Studies For Teens" 

By: Clark Schultz

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5-Minute Bible Studies: For Teens speaks to young adults like you sincerely. With three messages each week for one full year, this book will break up your busy schedule with thought-provoking questions, encouraging prayers, and relatable themes. Among school, work, sports, clubs, relationships, and more, dedicating this time to God will be a breath of fresh air, helping you build your future on the firm foundation of his saving message. Sometimes, all it takes to stay connected to the Word, keep centered on Christ, and receive encouragement from our heavenly Father is five minutes spent with God.

5-Minute Bible Studies are for those whose calendars are overstuffed with events and obligations and whose minds are overwhelmed with questions and challenges. In other words, 5-Minute Bible Studies are for you and all believers. 

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"Your Life Has Meaning: Discovering Your Role In An Epic Story"

By: Luke George Thompson

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Money. Possessions. School. Work. Life. The things of this world.

At times it can all feel empty and meaningless.

In Your Life Has Meaning, Luke George Thompson focuses on themes and Bible verses primarily from the book of Ecclesiastes and the life of Solomon to offer you a practical guide to finding meaning in life.

Thompson walks you through ideas from thought leaders of the past—Neitzsche, Kierkegaard, Camus, Sartre, and others—and the voices from the present found in self-help books, fantasy novels, and entertainment to show how they themselves poke holes in the false sources of meaning that so many chase after.

As a teacher of apologetics and a pastor who works regularly with college students, Thompson invites you to view the world from God's side of it instead of focusing on life "under the sun." And that's where the true treasure of this book is, as it reminds you that your purpose in life, no matter what your job, is to help others recognize God's love, for this is your "role in an epic story."

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