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Summer Early Childhood Events

Summer is a great time to connect with your Early Childhood Families. The nice weather lends itself to many fun activities. The following are some ideas for Summer Early Childhood Events you can use at your church or school. These are great opportunities for you to get to know your families and for the families to get to know each other. 

  • Host a playgroup at your local park. Invite families to come to the park to play and socialize. You can also use this time to tell a Bible story, sing songs, and do a craft. This can also serve as a great outreach opportunity by inviting other families at the park to join you for the Bible story time.

  • Host a Beach Day at your local beach or a Pool Day at your city pool. Invite families to join you for some fun in the sun. Families can bring their own lunches and swim gear and enjoy playing and socializing while they cool off in the water.

  • Have a water day at your church/school. Set up sprinklers, slip and slides, sensory tables, water balloons, and more. Have popsicles and snacks for all the little ones too.

  • Set up Playground Playdates that can be done on your church or school playground. You can keep it simple, or you can have a theme for the playdates such as water day, messy art day, or obstacle course day.

The following are examples of ways to advertise and invite families to your event. These can be posted in your church bulletin, on your website or on Facebook.

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