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Conference Presentations

The following videos are from the Western Wisconsin District's 2021 Online Sunday School Conference. The theme was "Keep Fishing."

"Sunday School...It's all about Jesus"
             By: Melissa Pittenger

Melissa Pittenger, an experienced, down-to-earth, passionate Sunday School teacher, uses constructive criticism of one of her own lessons so that viewers might learn from her successes and mistakes. She includes many valuable nuggets of wisdom for pointing children of all ages and backgrounds to Christ. This presentation provides encouragement for new and returning teachers for elementary-aged kids alike.

"Baby and Toddler Sunday School"
             By: Melissa Pittenger

Melissa Pittenger is delighted to walk through a year of Sunday School for infants and toddlers at her home congregation of Bethany Lutheran. Her hope is that you’ll pick up some fresh ideas of how to point littles and their families to Jesus who washed our sins a-waaaaay!

Check out the Preschool Power Hour that Melissa created for her congregation and from which others have modeled theirs after:

"Bringing the Children &
Teachers Back to Sunday School"

By: Steve Lauber & Pastor Luke Werre

"Resurrecting" our Sunday School programs post-Covid will be a challenge. Perhaps the most challenging part of all will be reclaiming our middle schoolers. It seems the parents themselves are less motivated the older their children get. How can we renew interest in the value of Sunday School for our middle schoolers? Let's hear from someone who has been working with middle schoolers for many years.

"Hispanic Outreach through Sunday School
                   By: Pastor Tim Flunker

Jesus is for all people.  Is there a way that we can reach out to the many Hispanic people in our area?  Could Sunday School be a way for this intercultural outreach to take place?  In this presentation, Pastor Tim Flunker walks us through how we can overcome language, culture, and other barriers to share the most important message: the message of Jesus Christ. Pastor Tim Flunker serves as the WELS Board for Home Missions Hispanic Outreach Consultant as has worked with many congregations over the last years focusing on reaching out with the gospel to our growing Hispanic population.

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