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Bible Studies

"I believe in God but...."

We believe in God. We love him very much. Still, we have good days and bad days. Spiritual hang-ups can come along and get in the way of our relationship with God. This happens with teens just as much as it happens with adults.  This study takes a look at some of those hang-ups and how God’s Word is the answer.
Lesson 1 - But...I don't know if I can forgive
Lesson 2 - But...I don't think he's fair
Lesson 3 - But...I don't think I can change
Lesson 4 - But...I don't think he listens
Lesson 5 - But...I'm not sure he loves me
Lesson 6 - But...I'm worried
Feel free to use this Bible study in your homes, churches, or schools.
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